Nagasaki Monument


We are trying to achieve monumentality with a simple form that can represent peace. the undisturbed mass achieved the quite ness by its purity of form. We tried to achieve contemporary world peace meaning with a simple form. We wanted to engrave the names of world cities. it means the whole world. at the same time, I thought why a monument don't interact with us? why do people watch this monument from a certain distance? why don't people touch, interact, and feel the monument? As many tourists are visiting the park every day, if people can interact with the monument-- that would be an extra attraction. Took Nagasaki as a symbol, placed in front slightly larger size to emphasize and quick finding. with a simple periscope idea, we can view images peep through a hole. an image shall be placed on top. with the hollow shaft, people will see the image. There is no need for any electricity. natural sunlight is the main key element. there would be an instruction board there. to remember the tragedy of the atomic bomb we can also fix the image angle a certain way so that people can observe the image the best at 11:02:25 AM every day. but I think the observation image is an optional idea.

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Nagasaki Monument


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